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Talking about myself is required now...welcome to my official web site
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"It will not simple to win, against talented, young, punchy racers. I do not have any target, but I want to be between the protagonists"
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Letizia Marchetti
Born in 1978, in Province of Rome, Letizia Marchetti is an Italian motorcycling icon. She holds the record to be the first and only woman to win a race of Superbike Italian Championship.
Her first race experiences began in 2004, when she started out in the Trofeo Italiano Motocicliste. Starting from this, she collected a big series of success that made her protagonist.
Letizia Marchetti, known as "Lety 5", get on a Yamaha R1 for the first time when she was 23 (it was her boyfriend's motorbike, actually her husband's). Lety, what did you fell to get on a bike for the first time? Was your first emotion love, fear, curiosity?
I felt a lot of curiosity for something unknown until that moment. Before I did not drive nothing with gears, except a car and it was so strange for me to think that it could be possible to coordinate hands and legs.
Starting from that moment racetrack was your real dimension. But if it is possible to go back, when you were a teenager, what did you dream for your future?
Since I was 3, the biggest dream (my mother's dream) was to be a ballet dancer. Then it became also my dream, so I continued to study ballet. I would like to teach ballet and in fact I do it! But I have never imagined to be a motorcycle racer!
In 2005, with a Yamaha R6 you won the first title in Italian Women's Motorcycle Championship, class 600. Lety, who would you like to dedicate this award to?
Without any doubt I would like to dedicate it to the person that showed me this new world and that pushed me to continue to go ahead: my husband, David. And also to my parents that always believe in my capabilities.
Your results, tenacity and talent make you ready to face races in Men's championship and to reach the top step of the podium. Is this a double victory?
Have you ever made differences between your opponents?
My first races were with other women, they were difficult to drive because we all were at the same level. Then when I started to win, my team proposed me to drive in a race with men. In a first moment it was so hard! They had more experience than me and I was as a lamb among wolves! A lot of people told me to continue to drive against women because men level was too high for me. Nobody expected that soon I could win everybody in the extreme Superbike category with a big lead.
Which is your suggestion for all those women that love motorbike but that have not courage to try it?
I suggest to try it, one time at least! It is a means of transport (like car, moped, scooter, etc.), but it is not always true that who drives a motorbike, this will become a racer. Be strong and you will see that men will respect you!




Segui Letizia Marchetti su You tube Segui Letizia Marchetti su Twitter Segui Letizia Marchetti su Facebook Segui Letizia Marchetti su Google+ Segui Letizia Marchetti su Flicker
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