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Talking about myself is required now...welcome to my official web site
Letizia Marchetti - Motociclista italiana
"It will not simple to win, against talented, young, punchy racers. I do not have any target, but I want to be between the protagonists"
Letizia Marchetti - Talento femminile sulla moto
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Civ Superbike Civ Superbike   Civ Superbike - sito web  


This new championship was born from the need to work in synergy and to increase its importance in the CIV.
For the winners there will be a lot of prestigious prizes.

12-13-14-15/05/2016 Vallelunga
30/06/2016 Mugello
1-2-3/07/20/2016 Mugello
28-29-30-31/07/2016 Misano
1-2-3-4/09/2016 Imola
6-7-8-9/10/2016 Mugello

Coppa Italia Rr-Cup   Coppa Italia Rr-Cup - sito web  


RR Cup is a Coppa Italia Trophy, for people that want to compete with other fast riders and look for the best organization.
On Monday morning riders can benefit from warm up (this is the only Italian trophy to have it), they have a box on request.

22-23-24/04/2016 Vallelunga
03-04-05/06/2016 Misano
24-25-26/06/2016 Mugello
22-23-24/07/2016 Misano
25-26-27/08/2016 Mugello
30/09/2016 Mugello
1-2/10/2016 Mugello
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